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Our A.C.T personal injury lawyers can help you claim workers compensation. They provide obligation-free legal advice. If you would like free legal help, complete the online Contact Form or call our team on ☎ 1800 352 100.

The ACT Workcover scheme provides no-fault compensation for injured workers. A work related injury is a personal injury or disease arising out of or in the course of your employment. You may be able to claim compensation if you:

• Are injured because of an accident at work;
• You contract a disease from work;
• You aggravate a previous injury;
• You are injured whilst travelling to or from your employment or anywhere it is necessary for you to go, to undergo medical treatment, rehabilitation or to obtain a medical certificate.

Making a claim

You should report your injury or disease as soon as possible to your employer. Seek medical treatment and apply for an approved medical certificate from your doctor.

Request a claim form from your employer or from your employer’s insurer. If you need help in completing the claim form, you can speak with one of our solicitors for obligation-free advice. There are time limits which apply in making compensation claims, so don’t delay in lodging a claim.

The claim form will need to be submitted to your employer or the insurance company, together with an approved medical certificate from your nominated treating doctor, stating your employment was a substantial contributing factor to the injury.

Your employer’s insurance company will probably request that you attend a medical examination. They will also ask you for any further relevant documentation that may be needed in assessing your claim.

Compensation Benefits

Under the workcover scheme and Workers Compensation Act 1951, you can claim:
◦ Incapacity Earnings (for loss of wages).
◦ Medical treatment and related expenses.
◦ Cost of transport to and from treatment.
◦ Permanent Impairment payment.
◦ Lump sum death benefit and payment for funeral expenses, is available to dependents of workers who are killed in a work accident or as a result of a work-related injury or illness.

You may also be able to make a claim for common law damages, which is compensation that is separate from the Workcover scheme, and is for accidents that are the result of negligence. If you suspect that there was negligence involved in your accident or injury, you see a solicitor about making a common law damages claim. Time limits apply, so act as soon as possible.

No Win No Pay A.C.T Workcover Solicitor

Do you need legal help? Would you like some free legal advice? Our personal injury solicitors are experienced in handling workers compensation claims on behalf of injured workers. They are able to represent claimants on a No Win No Pay basis. They are experts in this complex area of law, and they ensure that you claim your full entitlements.

If you need help in making a claim, resolving a disputed claim, representation at conciliation or in court action, then speak with one of our solicitors. This is an independent referral service. It costs you nothing to obtain to use this service.

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